Toys facilitated my imagination and desire to create at an early age. The act of play was a catalyst for me to pursue the arts, and instilled in me a curious enthusiasm that has consistently fueled my work to this day. Therefore, I decided to honor the act of play as an important influence on creativity by staging dioramas that depict whimsical scenarios.


      These scenarios are assembled in a manner that a child could have presumably erected from objects associated with playtime. Each arrangement is primarily governed by a simple interest in color and form, all the while implying an absurd narrative. Once I am satisfied with the formal arrangement and narrative of each diorama, I begin the process of building the image with paint. I always seek to create immersive paintings that emphasize light and the materiality of the depicted doodads.


      Furthermore, these narratives provide the opportunity for my own observances of the world to be subtly expressed in a lighthearted manner. But above all else, I maintain the importance of having fun throughout the duration of the process.

© 2020 by Aaron Pickens

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